With eyes that can see through your soul. This sweet girl came to us in a sad and sorry state. Her owner had been in the hospital for a long period and then passed away. Poor Gretchen was heartbroken and lost. She was 9 years old and had been paralyzed since she was two. Old age had also left her with very bad arthritis in her shoulders. She needs special care and lots of attention because she can not get around at all on her own.She seemed to have lost the will to live and we thought she would only be with us a very short time. We were determined to make that time as happy as we could.

Gretchen's profileWhen she arrived she was so sad and lost she would barely lift her head off her paws. Spending all of her time in a kennel was not going to be a good life so we needed to find a way to keep her spirits up. With all our old and disabled wieners we had acquired a little orange puppy stroller. This was the perfect solution to the problem. Gretchen moved into her new digs and we started wheeling her from room to room so she could stay in the center of the family.

Soon her head was popping up and she was starting to watch the life going on about her. If we left her in a room by herself for more than a few minutes we would hear a little “woob” from her letting us know she was lonely. As spring time bloomed so did Gretchen. Her favorite time became her blanket time when she could sit out in the sunshine on her blanket in the grass. Soon we discovered that she could indeed get around in her own way. If we forgot to move her blanket with the sunshine we would come back to find she had scooted off her blanket and across the grass chasing her sun rays. Gretchen on a blanket

Now three years later the puppy we didn’t think would survive the month is a happy and vibrant little fireball. She still can’t move much on her own and she still spends her days in that old orange stroller but she is a happy girl with a feisty attitude. We don’t know how many more years we will have her company but the one thing I am sure of….she will make the most of every day she has…and so will we.


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  1. I tried to email, but for some reason your email is not working. We are currently trying to find a home for our dachshund. Would you mind contacting me? Charlotte is a very loving dog who we need to find a new home for immediately. She is about 10 years old, but doesn’t act or look like it. She is very energetic and smart. We have had her for 9 years. She has lived outside her whole life and enjoys the outdoors. We are having to give her up because we are moving to a one bedroom apartment with two cats and we are only allowed to have two pets. We also have a newborn and think that a one bedroom with two cats, a newborn, and a dog would be too much. We are very sad to have to give her up. She is not over weight like most dachshunds due to the fact that she loves to be busy. She is an escape artist and if bored will try to get out. She is good with other dogs, cats, and kids.

    Erin and Matthew Sheets

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