Coco Puff

This sweet little girl came to us a year after she went down with IVDD. Her family tried to care for her but she became too much of a challenge in a home with many stairs. Since we already had had the wheeled wiener ramp installed and everything set for Jake adding one more paralyzed puppy to the mix wasn’t much of a challenge for us. Coco is a feisty little girl who never let being paralyzed slow her down. Unlike Jake she never recovered enough to become a spinal walker, though she does move her legs and “walk” while in her cart. Coco has been with us since 2009. In the last year she has gone completely blind. But like her other disability it hasn’t slowed her down much at home. She doesn’t like to leave home where the world is unfamiliar but here at home watch out world here she come. Since going blind Coco prefers to use her drag bag most of the time rather than her cart. But we still put her in it a few times a week to make sure she’s getting her exercise and keeps her rear legs flexible. Coco in her drag bag

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